Raspbery Pi and HDMI2AV

http://www.dx.com/p/hdmi-to-av-cvbs-l-r-video-converter-black-287673?r=89918554 I just got HDMI2AV converter from DX. I was annoyed buy noise coming from power supply on analog audio output from Raspberry Pi and decided to buy this little adapter and see what will happen. I’m more than pleased with result. My Raspberry Pi is now connected via HDMI cable to HDMI2AV adapter, analog video […]

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Attiny13 PWM Candle

While ago I found project that emulates candle flame using attiny13 MCU and two colored LED (red/yellow) or alternately two separate LED’s. Project author used method of randomly turning on and off LED’s and it looked relatively OK but it was a bit hard for eyes. I decided to make it from scratch using PWM […]

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Arduino & ESP8266 Room Heating

After discovering cheap WiFi module ESP8266 I decided to upgrade my heater that was previously controlled by Arduino and connected to my Raspberry Pi via USB cable. Heater elements are connected to Arduino via Solid State Relay. Arduino uses PID control to achieve defined temperature and room temperature is read using digital sensor DS18B20. I had […]

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Arduino NodeMCU and esp8266

I recently got esp8266 cheap wifi module. I had idea to use it with arduino and existing project that was using CmdMessenger library to comunicate over serial/usb port. After playing with esp8266 I found nice solution to how to replace serial cable. I installed NodeMCU on esp8266 and installed on it two scripts


when […]

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I have couple of programs that I use very often and I needed some utility that would let me start them using keyboard shortcut. I searched internet but could not find anything simple enough that would suite me, so I decided to make my own simple utility that would allow me this. Hotkeys is very […]

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